Relix Magazine (January 2016)

“(the new Freekbass album) CINCINNATI recalls the sound of vintage radio-ready R&B with an approach that’s as fresh and vital as ever.” *Full Article HERE .


The Huffington Post (April  2015)

“This Is Why Freekbass Is a Bass and Epic Life Magician” *Full Article HERE .

New Times Broward-Palm Beach (December 2014)

“…Virtuoso is a word that should be used rarely. But when discussing someone that oozes talent and skill like Cincinnati’s Freekbass (born Chris Sherman), we feel comfortable applying the noun…” *Full Article HERE .

UpstateLive (November 2014)

“…Freekbass has been reinventing funk music for years, cultivating his own sound after having been birthed in Southern Ohio’s already rich funk scene. If you haven’t heard his sound yet, don’t make the mistake of assuming that he’ll turn out to be just another George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic. His cutting-edge take on the genre he loves truly sets him apart from his musical touchstones…” *Full Article HERE .


Relix Magazine (September 2014)

“…Weaned on the fertile funk scene of Southern Ohio that brought us Bootsy Collins, Ohio Players and James Brown’s King Records, bassist Freekbass possesses all the low-end goods but chooses not to repeat the rhythms of the past. Instead, his brand of funk reinvents the style for the present…” *Full Article HERE .


Bass Player Magazine (October 2014 )

“…Freekbass proudly waves the funk flame on his new recording ‘Everybody’s Feelin’ Real’, and his playing is blistering…”


Creative Loafing (August 2014)

“…while he calls on ‘70s influences like Sly and the Family Stone, Frank Zappa and Parliament Funkadelic, he synthesizes these sounds using modern playing techniques and weirdness, the result a retro-mod fusion of space-groove funktronica that’s heavy on the synthesizers, pounding downbeat, and wet, rubbery Freekbass thumping…” *Full Article HERE.


Cleveland SCENE Magazine (April 2014)

Band of The Week: Freekbass : “…Freekbass’s new album, Everybody Feelin’ Real, kicks off with the anthemic “Rise” and never lets up…” *Full Article HERE.


Tie Your Shoes Reviews (August 2014)

“…For me, it’s “never enough” Freekbass. He has played monster silent disco sets with Skerik (and, this past year at Bear Creek, also with Dennis Stadelman of CopE), collaborated with Steve Molitz of Particle in Headtronics, played in the Skerik Orchestra, and sat in with Bernie Worrell on a version of “Red Hot Mama” that is beyond belief (check on YouTube, from 11.16.13)…” *Full Article HERE .


Grateful Web (April 2014)

“…With organic, bass-centric sounds mixing with forward-looking soundscapes, Everbody’s Feelin’ Real finds Freekbass bridging the gap between classic funk and the future of the groove…” *Full Article HERE.


CityBeat (June 2014)

“…In genres where repetition is not only accepted but also celebrated and improvisation is little more than noodle-headed flights of variational fancy, Freekbass has infused his contributions with originality, intensity and intrigue…” *Full Article HERE .


Bootsy Collins:

“Freekbass is the new spiritual warrior for the Funk”



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