Freekbass: The Bump Assembly Project

Hello – today we are launching the Kickstarter project for my new album. I want to start off by letting you know that as excited as I am about this project, I am just as excited about the idea of making each of YOU a part of this album and the process. Like a live show, where the audience and the band become One, we are doing that with this album. The journey of making this with you is going to be just as striking as the actual finished product. The album itself is a Getting-back-to-roots funk record, no gimmicks. Just raw funk.

*Please check out the project by clicking HERE , and please spread the word and this link. We have some very cool incentives at each pledge level, and we will be updating news on the album here and some surprise exclusive news at the Kickstarter page. Buckle up and let’s do this !

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